We can assist you in becoming an approved public company, in gaining a listing on a stock exchange, and with compliance requirements

Financial Regulatory Compliance

AFS Singapore offers Senior Paralegal Services to assist companies who wish to become an approved public company, or in the process of becoming an approved public company and to seek a listing on a stock exchange, or the company already an approved public company and subject to compliance requirements.  AFSSIN also assist financial institutions in the fulfilment of compliance from the central bank or the Ministry of Finance.

AFS Singapore offers services to assist customers in fulfilling and meet the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) Compliance requirements.  Whether a Financial Institution or a Designated Non-Financial Business and Profession (“DNFBP”) such as corporate service provider, accountant, lawyer, estate agent, trust company, pawnbroker, dealer in precious metal or casino, AFS Singapore can assist you in any one or combination of the following AML/CFT services:

  • Drafting and preparation an AML/CFT Policy or AML/CFT Operations Manual to meet AML/CFT compliance requirements.
  • Provide training to compliance officers.
  • Provide ongoing AML/CFT compliance consulting.
  • Independent Reviewer or Assessor of current AML/CFT Policies or Internal Policies, Procedures and Control (“IPPC”) for an IPPC audit.
  • Act as a consultant

Please see our ACRA AML-CFT Compliance Review Report Letter by clicking here

Fully ACRA AML-CFT Compliant

AFS Singapore are fully ACRA AML-CFT Compliant. Please see the ACRA compliance letter here